Affordable Fire Door Inspections: Competitive Pricing for Safety Compliance

Fire doors are a vital part of any building, designed to contain and limit the spread of smoke and toxic gases during an emergency. These essential fire safety measures help keep occupants safe while also providing firefighters with the time they need to safely extinguish the fire and minimize property damage. However, a fire door that’s not properly maintained and inspected can cause significant problems.

In order to ensure that these essential fire safety systems are working effectively, they must be regularly inspected by licensed fire safety professionals. While this may seem like a costly and unnecessary step for facility managers, fire code requirements mandate these inspections to protect the health and well-being of building occupants.

Considering the devastating consequences that can come from fire incidents, it’s imperative to comply with fire safety standards and ensure that all fire door assemblies are in good working condition at all times. To help you meet these needs, SM Door Automatic and Hardware offers competitive prices for fire door inspections that allow you to maintain compliance while saving money in the long run.

Aside from fire safety, most facilities have multiple responsibilities that must be fulfilled in a given day. This can be a huge challenge for inspectors, who must find time to perform both inspections and other tasks, such as scheduling appointments with clients. To save time and improve efficiency, many inspectors are turning to technology to streamline the process and reduce overall workload.

With the right app, it’s possible to record and submit fire door safety inspection data directly from your mobile device. This type of technology allows you to eliminate the need for paper forms and streamlines the reporting process, making it easier to stay on track with your NFPA 80 obligations. To maximize the benefits of this type of software, look for apps that offer a clean, modern interface and an intuitive user experience.

While it’s tempting to take shortcuts when inspecting fire doors, it’s important to follow all NFPA regulations, including proper testing procedures. Taking shortcuts or failing to complete full, accurate testing can have catastrophic consequences, as evidenced by the Minneapolis fire that killed 5 people last November. During a fire door inspection, inspectors must visually inspect each fire door assembly from both sides, test for proper operation and assess the surrounding glazing through etchings or notional assessment.

The cost of failing to comply with NFPA 80 standards can be steep, especially in healthcare facilities. Not only do health facilities face financial penalties from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, but patients can be placed in immediate danger if their fire doors don’t meet NFPA 80 standards.

Despite the time and expense associated with fire safety standards, they’re worth it in the end. Not only can code-compliant fire doors contain and control fires, but they can also prevent injuries to occupants and reduce property damage. To learn more about how to keep your fire doors compliant and up-to-code, contact a SM Door sales representative today.