BPerez Pavers – Pavers For Driveways and Patios

The experienced team at BPerez Pavers specializes in paver products, repair, installation and cleaning for driveways and patios. Their expert designs create aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting outdoor spaces. They also help customers select the perfect pavers for their unique style and needs. They have 22 years of combined experience and are committed to customer satisfaction.

A paver is a stone, tile, brick or concrete block that’s used for exterior flooring. It’s manufactured in a factory and then set on top of a base, such as crushed stone or concrete, which holds it in place without the use of adhesives. Pavers are available in many shapes and sizes, so they can be customized to match the style of a hardscape project.

When shopping for pavers, homeowners should consider the material type, color, size, durability and texture. They should also think about how much wear and tear the pavers will undergo and how they’ll be installed. For example, if a homeowner plans on using their pavers for a driveway, they should choose a durable product that can withstand the weight of vehicles. The right pavers can add beauty and value to a home and help it stand out from the competition.

In addition to paver materials, homeowners should keep in mind that base best practices are also important. For example, the base should be made of a dense aggregate. This material contains small crushed stones that are tightly bonded together, which makes it suitable for a paver base. However, it is important to avoid a base with too much stone dust or finely ground crushed rock. These materials tend to trap water and prevent the base from draining, which can cause the pavers to shift.

Ideally, the base should also be compacted and free of any large rocks or ruts. Before laying pavers, homeowners should call 811 before digging to ensure they don’t hit any underground utility lines. After the base has been installed, it’s important to restrict pedestrian traffic for 24 hours and vehicular traffic for 72 hours so that the pavers can settle.

If a paved surface is not properly maintained, it will become discolored over time and may lose its original appearance. To prevent this, homeowners should sweep their paving surface regularly to remove any dirt and debris. Additionally, they should apply a sealer to their paving surfaces at least once a year. The sealant will protect the paving from the sun’s damaging UV rays and keep it looking new for years to come.

The expert installers at Bperez Pavers  can transform any residential or commercial property into a stunning outdoor space. They offer a wide selection of patio, driveway and pool deck pavers. Their custom designs are tailored to fit a homeowner’s specific taste and style and they install the pavers with precision for a flawless finish. Their services include masonry, pressure washing and cleaning, retaining walls, pool decks and more. They are based in Fort Myers and serve Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties.