How Wildlife Removal Works

Wildlife such as birds, squirrels and mice can cause damage to your home. They also carry harmful diseases like rabies. Trying to get rid of pests on your own can be dangerous and costly, so it’s best to hire a professional animal removal company. Wildlife professionals humanely remove and prevent nuisance wildlife from relocating to your home, while also sealing holes, cracks and gaps to keep animals out. They can also help you avoid future infestations by performing routine maintenance and repairs to your roof, outer walls and foundation.

The cost of wildlife removal varies. The size of the infestation and number of animals trapped influences price. A full colony of rodents is much more expensive to remove than a single squirrel or raccoon. Additionally, removing animals from hard-to-reach areas such as attics or second-story spaces increases labor costs. Many services offer free inspections of your property and provide estimates over the phone or via their websites. Others may charge for inspections but offer a satisfaction guarantee.

Depending on where you live, your wildlife removal in dallas texas specialist may need to obtain a permit before they can begin work. This is because some species of wildlife, such as skunks and raccoons, are considered protected animals that require special permits and game seasons to hunt. Luckily, there are exemptions to these seasonal rules for “nuisance” critters.

After a wildlife infestation is dealt with, the specialist will perform an inspection to identify the source of the problem and prevent it from occurring again in the future. The inspection will look for conditions that are attracting the wildlife, as well as entry points into your home. Then, the expert will humanely trap and remove the critter or animals before sealing any access points, fixing any damaged structures and cleaning up any mess.

Many homeowners attempt to do wildlife removal on their own, but this is not recommended. A DIY animal removal attempt could result in serious injury to you or your pets, as well as harm to the animals. In addition, wild animals are trained to find food and shelter around humans and will quickly return if they feel that their new habitat isn’t safe or comfortable.

A professional wildlife removal expert will use the most effective and humane methods available. They will follow a process-orientated approach that starts with the inspection, followed by humanely trapping and removing the animal or animals, then exclusion (sealing all openings, repairing any damage, and reinforcing potential entry points), then clean up, and finally prevention. A trusted TrustDALE certified professional will provide the best wildlife removal service to prevent problems with skunks, raccoons, squirrels and other creatures. Leaving these issues untreated can cost you thousands of dollars in damages to your property and possibly your home. To save money and keep you and your family safe, contact a wildlife removal specialist today.